ROOT welcomes Mackintac to the family

Published on 12/30/2019 15:28 PST by Topher Doll

Before the year ends ROOT wanted to make sure to welcome Mackintac as the newest member of the team. To start a few words from CatZ:

Despite being relatively new to streaming, Mackintac hosts one of my absolute favorite streams to watch (and one of very few I watch regularly). He is a really cool dude who actively interacts with his viewers in and out of game.  Mack is also a very strong and intelligent Zerg player, primarily macro-oriented with remarkable micro and decision-making.. and great music taste! I am confident that if Mackintac keeps walking the path that he has been walking, his ability as a player will continue to increase and his stream will continue to grow consistently. 

Mackintac has been streaming for short time now but his passion and attitude of this young Canadian make him a natural addition to the ROOT team and streaming family. I also had the chance to interview Mackintac a bit on his background, goals and more:

1. So welcome to ROOT, can you tell us a bit about your background and how you got into the game?

Thank you I'm really excited to be a part of the team! I guess I can say that I've been playing video games since I've been able to walk but got into Blizzard's RTS games with Starcraft BW and Warcraft 3 RoC which I used to play with my uncle back when I was about 8. When SC2 came out I didn't play it right away and only got into playing 1v1s with the release of Heart of the Swarm, 6 and a half years later I've logged in more than 7000 games and am a consistent top 100 Grandmaster player!

2. What would you say your most proud moment would be? Reaching a certain rank for the first time, beating someone specific on ladder, a viewership milestone? 

My proudest moment? That's a very tough one there though I'd probably say it was my first time getting Grandmaster and keeping it for a week, kinda felt like that cemented me as a GM player which was a pretty incredible feeling at the time.

3. A new year is upon us, any New Year's Resolutions? 

My main goal for the new year is to continue working on my stream, stay consistent, and reach twitch partnership before 2021. Aside from that I would like to reach 6k MMR on the NA and EU servers as well become a WCS Challenger player by the end of the year. I believe all of these goals are attainable for me and I will work hard towards them.

4. In SC2 the race you play has a big role so how did you pick Zerg?

I actually started out playing as protoss when I was in bronze and got to gold in 1 season from 4 gating when that was a thing. Eventually I got bored of protoss and decided to try out zerg because I liked the idea of a huge swarm of weaker units as opposed to that of a smaller amount of very powerful units. I watched Starship Troopers and the Alien movies a lot growing up as well so that may have had an influence on my choice.

5. Is there someone you have tried to model your game after or who you love watching them play to try and learn something new? 

One person who I used to model my play after was Snute because he was my favorite player for my first 4 years of playing. I love macro play and always thought the solid macro players were the most skilled of all. I've often tried to kind of emulate that style of play as much as I can and I feel I am a stronger player than I would be otherwise because of watching him and working on that

6. Any final words you'd like to share to the community?

I'd like to give my thanks to all my friends and everybody who has supported me this far, especially CatZ, my friend Matt, and my best friends Kosta and Calvin. I hope to keep up the momentum of my recent months and would love for everyone's continued support while I work towards my goals as a part of ROOT!

We welcome Mackintac to team ROOT and look forward to 2020 and some great streams. Make sure to give Mackintac on Twitter and Twitch.