ROOT; WarCraft 3

Published on 12/04/2018 11:31 PST by Paulo "CatZ" Vizcarra

We are extremely happy to finally be able to introduce; ROOT.WarCraft III !

We are excited with the announcement of reforged and think that WarCraft III has a lot of potential to capture not just a returning but also a new audience in the space of RTS. We think that the RTS genre has room to grow and Reforged will continue to show that.

WarCraft III has already undergone substancial balance changes altering a long line of strategies and playstyles in the process, we think that this creates windows for new-or-returning players to discover strategies and become engaged in a learning process that everyone must under-go, making the classic feel fresh and exciting once again, in the eyes of many.

If you haven't played or feel like re-discovering StarCraft II's cool uncle, our 2 new(*) players are super fun to watch, actively streaming and trying crazy stuff at a very high level of play. Watch as they prepare alongside us for the exciting future of WarCraft III in western esports.

Cédric-Joseph "iNSUPERABLE" Dubé

iNSUPERABLE is the current Rank 1 on the US East ladder, also playing under the id "PieCk". Check him out and learn from exactly the type of guy some might expect when they first hear about a dude named "iNSUPERABLE", an emotional, motivated, energetic and vastly talented Undead player. Here's what iNSUP had to say about joining;

"I'm very proud and excited to be representing ROOT Gaming on my first professional engagement. I truly feel like this is the beginning of something exciting with WarCraft coming back to life, and I hope that together we can grow our brand even more to make our team reach bigger steps"

1st - New WarCraft 3 League - Season 3
1st - New WarCraft 3 League - Season 4
5th - WCA America 2016


Jonathan "KiWiKaKi" Garneau

KiWiKaKi IS BACK!- The Mad Scientist has been playing mad amounts of WarCraft 3, the first game he played profesionally. The inventor of the Archon Toilet boslters a 90%+ winrate while doing crazy-kiwikaki-worthy-strats. KiWiKaKi is one of the most intelligent and creative players to have ever played in ROOT, when the team first formed and rose to the level of competing with (and often beating) EG for the top NA spot back in 2010-11 it was on the back and shoulders of this guy. And while "The original DOOD" is a fairly private individual, he has recently decided to stream WarCraft III!! That means you get a piece of the genius as he is sure to deliver insights, jokes and some of the catchiest phrases & analogies as he obliterates some noobs on the ladder with Orc. We asked KiWi to share a few words on "coming out of retirement";

"Wtf some words.. what I look like, shakespeare?"

1st - WCG Canada 2006
Top 8 Blizzcon Finals 2007
Top 8 Blizzcon Finals 2008
1st - WCG Canada 2008

1st - Blizzard American Ladder Tournament

Twitter: @ROOTKiWiKaKi

Welcome to the team KiWi & iNSUP!!!!