GSL Semi Final Battle Report - Trap vs Maru

Published on 04/05/2019 22:43 PDT by Saxon "Saxy" Durrant

One semi final down and it's down to the final three players. Classic looks on, having already secured his finals berth earlier this week. Who will join him? It's time for the second semi final in the GSL season one it's a Jin Air team kill, with Trap facing Maru.

It'll be a best of seven between these close friends, Trap and Maru. Having lived, trained, eaten and slept under the same roof of the Jin Air house these two will know the other inside out. It will be fascinating to see the mind games that come from this. We saw a similar matchup between teammates at Blizzcon, with sOs privy to all Maru's tricks, sending him crashing out in the quarter finals. Will we see a similar story here? Unlike Dark and Classic, these two don't have a epic storyline between their match history together. A solitary series at IEM this year saw Trap beat Maru 2-0 however apart from that the two have not met offline for the past two years. All to play for here then.

Maru would have to be considered the favourite for this series with everything considered. He's looked more mortal this year but is still frightening, especially when given the chance to prepare. A 3-1 rout of Dear in the round of eight showed his skill in the match up, couple that with wins over herO in the round of 32 and Neeb at WESG. Trap should be scared. If that wasn't enough, this is Maru we are talking about. He quests to become the first player to reach four GSL finals in a row, having won every single GSL last year. Surely Classic will be watching intently.

Trap represents the underdog story of this GSL season. It's his first semi final in the GSL, coming off a tight 3-2 win against TY in the round of eight. If TY wasn't enough to prove his PvT skills, a win over INnoVation in the round of 16 is proof enough, as well as the aforementioned IEM 2-0 of Maru. He has skills in the match up and we'll all be hoping for another long and beautiful seven game series today.

Trap vs Maru - PvT

Map One – New Repugnancy

Trap would start the series with a cyber core first, looking to put on some slight pressure onto his teammates. It would be Maru reversing the pressure however, two hellions forcing a pull before three widow mines were unable to deal any damage. The game progressed from here, Trap moving into colossus technology as both players claimed a third base. Storm would follow up from Trap, utilising a quick storm to buff his splash damage options. A push at the eight minute mark from Maru went to hit Trap’s third, five tanks with bio support going undetected and setting up a siege. 

It was set in the perfect position and Trap could not engage. Trap’s card was forced however with a dangerously low nexus, a disable on the colossus plus an anti armor missile saw Trap’s army destroyed. From there Maru was far ahead, another push a minute later saw him walk through Trap’s small army to take a convincing 1-0 lead.

An unscouted tank line set up outside Trap's third, giving him a near impossible angle to fight into.
Credit - AfreecaTV

Map Two – Automaton

Trap would go into a different path for game two, moving into phoenix instead of the robotics from game one. Maru would go for four hellions this game, with cloaked banshee behind. The four hellions would find an exposed mineral line, eight probes going down to place Maru in an advantage. The banshee would sneak around and find another 11 probes, putting Trap into a dire situation. Trap tried to pressure with adepts but a beautiful defence by Maru saw him survie with ease. Maru would then see-saw onto Trap. A two base push would come, hitting Trap hard. We were 30 minutes into the broadcast, Trap down 2-0.

Map Three – Kairos Junction

After the initial commercial break it had to be wondered, would this be a clean sweep? Mines would be the initial choice for Maru, opting for no hellions this game. Trap would once again go into a robotics facility, as Trap looked to put on pressure with three gateways. A tank would get eventually swatted away, with Trap pressing hard with stalkers and zealots. Despite Maru losing a tank, he held well, defending the aggression with minimal scv losses. Storm would be the transition for Trap, as Maru went for a big drop in the main. The main would be defended but Maru would continue to hit in two places at once, stretching Trap’s army to near breaking point. 

No game ending damage was to be done  but Maru had moved into next gear, landing a third and taking a 20 supply advantage. The clash would come, Trap holding on as the rally from Maru streamed blue across the map. It was all over in an instant though, a warp prism snipe with templar destroyed any splash damage and Maru stimmed through, gunning himself into a 3-0 advantage.

Trap tried a three gate aggression in game three to try and turn the tide.
Credit - AfreecaTV

Map Four – Cyber Forest

At this point every neutral fan was gunning for a Trap victory, but it was obvious he was going to have to bring something big into this fourth game on Cyber Forest. Trap would switch it up one again, a twilight council for blink. As both players moved into a further stage of the game, Maru looked to exploit a timing with tanks and liberators. Maru would come into Trap, moving into the Protoss’ half looking to get a good position to siege Trap. Trap would hold however, sniping the two tanks before showing some great micro to save his probes and key units. Both players would pound into production though, Trap into five gateways and charge, Maru into more barracks. Trap would look to bludgeon, becoming ultra aggressive and moving into Maru.

A couple of indecisive moves would see Maru take some great fights however, Maru holding to move onto a 20 supply. From here Trap had no splash damage, Maru taking the place as aggressor. Marauders sprinted onto Protoss turf, shredding through the weak protoss army to clean sweep the semi finals, moving onto the final to play Classic. 

Anyone getting tired of this screen again? Credit - AfreecaTV

Trap 0-4 Maru

Maru advances to the final!

Game of the Day: Game one - New Repugnancy

GSL Code S continues with the final, Classic vs Maru, on the 14th of April, at 17:00 KST.

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All pictures courtesy of AfreecaTV and all stats courtesy of Aligulac.