Farewell herO!!

Published on 01/02/2019 15:12 PST by Paulo "CatZ" Vizcarra

As his contract expires, we say good bye today to a dear friend; herO!

herO was a part of ROOT gaming for 2 years, we were lucky to be able to acquire him and further support him thanks to our mutual friend Dongwon (ROOT.hydra).  

During his first year with ROOT, herO was a BEAST. While he didn't have the run we were all hoping for at Blizzcon 2017, his impressive performance leading up to it and winning the GSL Super Tournament had him going into the main event as the favorite to win the whole thing.

After Blizzcon, herO lost some motivation and had somewhat of a rough patch, 2018 wasn't herO's best year and he made us aware that he wasn't super into the game a few times. We always encouraged herO to do right by himself and even to take full paid breaks when desired. He and us both were and still are much grateful to each-other.

herO: "I was having a very difficult time when I joined ROOT Gaming. It felt like ROOT always supported me, had my back and was always kind to me, I am very thankful for that."

herO is one of the cleverest, most fun, and best, Protoss players in the world when he is in shape. After the latest major patch, herO has been playing more and doing better again on his way to return to his top form and we know he will be an incredible asset to the next team he joins. So watch out and cheer for him, we surely will!!